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[GUIDE] keeping iGPU activated when booting into Windows using apple_set_os.efi

But sometimes you will find bootcamp tool doesn't allow any customization of the process. Step 1. Step 2.

Step 3. Step 4. It may take some times to format your USB, please wait. Step 5.

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  • EFI and Windows on Option Boot Screen.

That's it! Fortunately, PassCue for ISO is a wonderful tool which can burn, create, edit and extract ISO files from any files, folders and operating system files. It has been adopted on a large scale by various users and widely recommended. Get the software downloaded from above button and install it on your Mac with proper step instructions.

Being able to install and run Windows on your Mac can be very useful.

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Boot Camp Assistant makes this easy, but sometimes you might forget that the utility can also be used to delete your Windows installation. In the Terminal , type this command:. Again in Terminal , type:. This will put you in the directory where your Mac stores information about what operating systems you have installed. You will likely see a folder called Microsoft. I tried again, deleting and recreating the directories. In order to activate the iGPU, you must first configure the gmux device to use integrated mode with the gpu-switch. Did you try that in Windows 10 Boot Camp?

No definitive answer here other than a necessary UEFI Windows installation was difficult because, as goalque wrote:. Your screenshot shows that you are not running in the administrator mode. It should say: "Administrator: Command Prompt".

EFI and Windows on Option Boot Screen

As you now did, the must be some missing Win10 package. What's the Windows 10 build? Type "ver" in cmd. May be the problem caused by Windows 10 not being activated? It works flawlessly under MacOS. Boot into Windows with eGPU disconnected when you try to run integrated.

Proceed With Caution – This Procedure Can Render Your Mac Inoperable If You Aren’t Careful

Just examining the way of converting the entire stuff into UEFI. Windows, however, has been an absolutely no-go. This may be the reason for my system not booting in at all after executing the. The result? See my link above. Could we please joint the modern era Apple?

This EFI version is ancient and non-standard. So all this talk about openness and extensibility and benefits of Apple's use of EFI in reality falls flat on its face. Apple's "EFI 1. Nowadays every card contains an UEFI rom. I can install Windows and i now have it, i want to know what i must make and when. So to make all clear please answer me:. However, you need new Boot Camp support software. For your new Late Iris Pro only MBP , I recommend a fresh installation of Win10 from the Boot Camp assistant, then you can proceed with the steps listed on the first post of this thread.

I suppose it means UEFI.

How to Create EFI System Partition (ESP)

EDIT: I clearly didn't explain myself right, in afterthought. You are explaining this for someone who installed Windows via Bootcamp. I wonder if I can combine your boot-script with the one which is starting windows. And if not, how can I make this work otherwise? Can I in someway customize the bootx I have the same setup as yours. No restart required. Ok so I am new to all of this computer magic you guys are doing. I have tried booting into windows and disabling the PCI bridge stuff and the "iSight" camera option and all that. However none of that stuff shows up for me "same situation as one of the guys posts on the DSDT override forum.

However after reading his post being I was in the same situation as him I saw nando4 's comment on his post to try this method so here I am already confused by your directions.

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  8. So right at step one you have two links? Im running os Sierra I plug in an 8gp flash drive using a usb to usb-c adapter on my mac which was 4 ports btw, 2 right, 2 left.

    USB UEFI Boot - How to Create a Win7 UEFI USB Boot Disk

    I reformat the drive the exact way as listed in the post. So all good for that step right? OK then next step. You say "create a folder structure" which im assuming means create folders within folders right? So I create a fold in "finder" does that mean i can create it anywhere? Anyways so i create the first folder named "EFI" then i open that one and create another one named "Boot" then I open that one and drag one of the two files i was supposed to download from step 1 and drag it into the folder and rename it "Bootx Then u say open startup disk and basically start into windows using the USB stick.

    If i click the windows partition and click restart then the mac will restart into windows on its own so what does the USB stick have to do with anything.

    EFI-Booting Ubuntu on a Mac

    K but lets say we restart, the computer starts to turn on, i hold down option and then im supposed to see a new disk named "EFI Boot" So where did that come from. The USB stick is empty and all we did on the computer was make 3 folders. How is that going to make a new boot disk? OK but anyways lets say i get to that point. So i click that and then it is supposed to boot into windows??

    I think a video on YouTube would benefit a lot more people than whats provided on these forums. There very hard to follow as an average guy trying to play some games at better FPS :] Sorry for the long post and all the questions. I would be sad if i had to return the gpu and Node because i couldn't figure out how to get it to work.

    Again, Thanks in advance!