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The mildest of all blending tobaccos. Virginia tobacco has the highest natural sugar content, and is used in virtually all blends as it is a good burner and lights easily.

Mac Baren Original Choice Pipe Tobacco Wholesale & Distribution

It imparts a light, sweet taste, which naturally increases when properly aged before blending. Bright — A very light tobacco that is grown in the Carolinas. Very mild flavor.

Burley — A naturally thicker leaf than Virginia, Burley has a soft, nutty taste that never bites. It also burns very slowly and is used for slowing down the combustion rate for many blends. Cavendish — Cavendish is a curing and cutting method. Often mistaken for a type of tobacco leaf. Cavendish is actually a type of manufacturing process.

This special heating and curing process will bring out the naturally sweet flavor of Virginia tobacco. The process also creates a tobacco that is quite mild, very light in taste, and easy to pack. Black Cavendish — The natural process of heating and curing Virginia tobacco to bring out the natural sweet flavor. Navy Cavendish — Aged naturally with dark Jamaican rum. Most of these tobaccos are added sparingly to the mixture to create some unique flavors and aromas.

Many of these tobaccos have very dominant flavors so only a small amount is required to taste the full effect of the leaf. Perique — Grown in Louisiana, Perique is a very dark tobacco that is renowned for its very spicy flavor. Brazil — A very dark tobacco that has a robust, sweet flavor. Latakia — Grown in Syria, Latakia is a very full-bodied dark tobacco that gives off a smoky aroma that is similar to burning leaves.

Latakia is a very overpowering tobacco that is primarily used in English blends. Many times a mixture will include Macedonia as one of the ingredients. Hours Mon-Sat: 10am - 8pm. American History. Bill Bailey. Borkum Riff. Dan Pipe. Danish Mixture. Danske Club. Hamburger Pipe tobacco. Holger Danske. Holmer Knudsen. Karl Erik. Kentucky Bird.

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    Fan Shop. Review s :. No sale under The flavor profile comes from selected Virginia tobaccos, which add an inherent sweetness to the blend.

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    Some of the modern Mac Baren Cavendish is added to provide a light, sweet taste with faint hint of tanginess. The air-cured Burley balances the recipe for a wonderful smoke. The taste of Aromatic Choice is reminiscent of the flavor of ripe exotic fruits. It tamps well, smokes great, and offers a pleasant and relaxing time. There are currently no product reviews. Be first to rate this product. Would you like to add your review? Write Review. Click to add to favourites! Please Select 5thAvenue Produ.. Clan Pipe Tobac.. Emil Chonowitsc..