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Models • 54 Sceneries • 8 x 4D-Sceneries • Normal mode for PC monitor • 3D mode for VR real reflections and super real Dynamic effects • For all IKARUS-RC FlightController or -Interfaces. NEW: RC8 user sceneries for Win and Mac.

Im pretty bad at using the projectile myself. But thunder is pretty satisfying for ledge guarding. I would say go with pikachu as it is bigger and that little bit more range.

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Pichu feels different. I see what you mean. Thank you for the suggestion. Who knows maybe projectiles are going to benefit me. Guess I just need to try it out. Honestly, Bowser might be what you're looking for.

He is surprisingly fast and like Mac, he has a lot of powerful hits and decent amount of armor. He also has a decent edge guard game with a huge fair hitbox, ridiculously strong back air, and the flamethrower also got buffed quite a bit this game. Can i suggest pikachu. He is fast. Powerful enough.


Moveset Edit [Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)] [Mods]

But does require jumping around. I can try him out forsure. Do you think either will suffice?

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Thank you very much for the suggestion. His Smash Attacks are some of the strongest in the game, and notable for having Super Armor during the attack frames; while he doesn't have it while charging, players can release it sooner to punish opponents trying to interrupt his Smash Attacks. Little Mac's Forward Smash can be angled, and it is unique as each angle boasts from different properties: if not angled, it is a straight punch with great damage and knockback; if angled up, it is an uppercut that deals slightly less damage, but deals higher knockback and launches opponents upwards; if angled down, it inflicts high damage and shield damage, but deals less knockback.

Little Mac's Up Smash is very powerful if sweetspotted, at the base of his fist as soon the move is launched, having a fiery effect. Down Smash is a powerful sweeping move, covering lots of ground and great for edge-guarding. While Little Mac's aerials are atrocious in attack power and range, they can be good for setting up small combo strings, especially his Forward and Neutral Aerials, as their low knockback often sends opponents slightly downwards, which can lead into his powerful ground attacks.

His Up Aerial can be useful after launching an opponent into the air from the ground, although it has no utility at all for juggling, being only useful for damage racking. Back Aerial functions similarly to Forward Aerial, but has less range and slightly higher knockback. His Down Aerial has absolutely no Meteor Smash power behind it, being very weak in both launch and damage; however, it can be useful for footstool locks or for gimping opponents just enough that they cannot get back.

His throws are not very powerful, lacking in both damage or knockback, and none of them can guarantee combos. However, they can be used for creating small setups such as baiting air dodges. Little Mac using pummel tends to be more rewarding than throwing. Little Mac's Neutral Special, Straight Lunge, is a great move that has super armor frames during the whole move; when charging and after releasing. If an opponent is going for a grab, launch the attack immediately. Don't fully charge the move either; if an opponent is able to predict when the attack will be launched at full charge they can easily dodge, run up behind Little Mac, and punish, which is easy to do because the move can leave him wide open if he misses.

In addition, fully charging Straight Lunge greatly increases the ending lag, leaving Little Mac very vulnerable. It can also be used as a recovery if used correctly because it can give Mac just enough forward momentum to get him to the edge. Little Mac's Side Special, Jolt Haymaker, is very powerful on both ground and air although its aerial version covers much less range. If Little Mac finds himself cornered at the edge by an opponent, Jolt Haymaker towards the center of the stage to get back to the middle of the ring and damage the opponent while doing it.

Additionally, if used correctly, this move can lead to stage spikes, although it is risky to do. Jolt Haymaker is infamous for being very easy to suicide with, leading to many offtstages leaps. Jolt Haymaker can also be useful on the stage; the jump Little Mac performs combined with the Super Armor frames of the move can dodge low-flying or small projectiles and even tank some larger projectiles and then hit the opponent that launched them. The leap can also dodge some lower attacks such as down tilts and down smashes; this is especially useful for combating Shulk's down smash, which has tremendous range that Little Mac could not otherwise get past without Jolt Haymaker.

Smash Bros Wii U/3DS - Little Mac Guide - Gameplay, Tips, & Moveset

Rising Uppercut is a great combo finisher when started on the ground and is also useful out of shield when an opponent is right next to Little Mac. The move can combo out of the first two hits of jab and it can kill off the ceiling if the opponent has enough damage.

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In the air it is rather weak in terms of recovery. Slip Counter is an extremely useful move both in the center and at the ledge. If an opponent cornered Little Mac at the ledge and is going for a launching smash attack, Slip Counter is the way to go; just be sure not to let it loose too early and don't use it too often--throwing out counters all day will get him grabbed time and time again. If one is playing as Little Mac on a stage with lots of platforms, they should stay on the safest platform to ensure he has the smallest amount of risk of falling off the edge.

Make the opponent come to Little Mac and fight on his terms.

Little Mac (Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U)

If it is a travelling stage that forces him to move off a safe platform, make sure he has minimal air time when moving from platform to platform. It is key to stay on the ground where Little Mac is the powerhouse. To main Little Mac, traversing the stage is a very important factor to ensure Little Mac doesn't fall short of the ledge. However, his most blatantly and exploitable flaw is the polarity of his gameplay: being an outstandingly dominant force on the ground but reduced to a flailing and ineffective fighter in the air; his jumps are short and sluggish and his recovery is the worst in the game.

If his Forward Smash and Up Smash both have armor, it could be deadly to face him at close range. However, since he doesn't seem to have any attacks with a lot of distance, characters with good projectile attacks should fare well against Little Mac.

10. Little Mac

We also got a chance to see Little Mac's counter ability. We don't know the exact properties of the counter, but it seems to counter most normal attacks. If it's like other counters, it might counter all physical attacks, but not throws. Projectiles also seem unlikely, but it's too early to tell at the moment. Little Mac's jab attack appears to be a multi-hitting flurry of punches that ends with a solid uppercut, and looking at his base mechanics, his run speed is fast and similar to Marth's in that he crouches very low during his run.

This allows him to run under some or possibly all projectile attacks. In the reveal trailer, we see him run under Mario's fireball projectile. His roll seems to have a good distance as he evades King Dedede in the trailer. In addition to the roll, Mac appears to have a unique dodge that seems even more effective than his roll. The only downside we've seen of Little Mac is his recovery attack upward special.

It doesn't seem to cover much range, and in the trailer we see him fall to a K.